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Referenslitterauren i nedanstående lista är inte begränsad till endast traditionellt arkeologisk. Vi har försökt visa på behovet av en mer multidiciplinär forskning genom att ta med litteratur från forskningsfält som det är av stor vikt att samarbeta med.

För tillfället är det en högst preliminär lista, undantaget den omfattande paleoentomologiska bibliografin. Listan kommer med tiden att utökas och uppdateras.

Items marked with a leaf are included in our course reading lists.

Environmental Archaeology in General
Archaeology in General
Soil Science & Prospection
Plant Macrofossil Analysis
Palynology - Pollen Analysis
Palaeoentomology - Fossil Insect Analysis
Multidisciplinary works - a few examples

Environmental Archaeology in General

Bell, Martin & Walker, Michael J C (2003).
Late Quaternary Environmental Change - Physical and Human Perspectives. Prentice Hall.
- 2nd edition massively updated. Detailed and comprehensive work on the problems, methods and theories concerning the environment and human interactions over the past 20000 years. Essential reading for those wishing to learn about human-environment interactions.

Berglund, Björn E. (1986).
Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology.
John Wiley & Sons (Chichester).
- Quite old, but still one of the most compehensive guides to most of the established methods within environmental archaeology and quaternary geology.

Dincauze, Dena Ferran (2000).
Environmental Archaeology. Principles and practice. Cambridge
Univ. Press.
- A reasonable, in not somewhat overlong, overview of the subject.

Goudie, Andrew (2001).
The Nature of the Environment - An advanced physical geography.
Blackwell Publishers.
- An exellent intoduction to physical processes and the environmental, with numerous case studies. One of the best selling geography text books of all times, and something that all archaeologists should be aware of.

Roberts, Neil (1998).
The Holocene: An Environmental History.
Blackwell Publishers.
- A good all-round introduction to environmental change over the last 11,500 years, both the events and the methods used to understand them.

Simmons, I G (1996).
Changing the Face of the Earth - Culture, Environment, History.
Basil Blackwell (Oxford).
- A "study of the human impact on the biophysical systems of this planet", with an emphasis on empirical measurements and ecology.

Archaeology in General

Greene, Kevin (2002).
Archaeology - An introduction.
B. T. Batsford Ltd (London).
- Subtitled The History, Principles and Methods of Modern Archaeology. Excellent and quite comprehensive introduction.
There is a very good "electronic companion" online at:

Renfrew, Colin & Bahn, Paul G. (2004)
Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice
Thames and Hudson Ltd
- Good coverage of all types of archaeology, including environmental methods.


Krebs, Charles J. (1998)

Ecological Methodology
- 2nd ed. Good coverage of statistical methods for ecologists, with an emphasis on experimental design, analysis and case studies.

Southwood, T R E (2000).
Ecological Methods.
Blackwell Science (UK)
- 2nd and considerably updated edition of "the ecologist's bible".

Soil Science & Prospection

Brady, Nyle & Weil, Ray. (2002).
The nature and properties of soil.
New Jersey.

Clark, A. (1990).
Seeing beneath the soil. Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and
Ed Berglund, B. New York.
- includes good coverage of geoprospection.

Courty, M.A., Goldberg, P. & Macphail, R.I. (1989).
Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology.
Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge

Limbrey, Susan. (1975).
Soil Science and Archaeology.

Walden, J., Oldfield, F. & Smith, J. P. (eds). (1999).
Environmental Magnetism: a practical guide.
Technical Guide, No. 6. Quaternary Research Association. London.

Plant Macrofossil Analysis

Viklund, K. (Ed.) (2002)

Nordic Archaeobotany - NAG 2000 in Umeå.
Archaeology and Environment 15. University of Umeå. Umeå.

Palynology - Pollen Analysis

Moore, P.D., J.A. Webb, and Collinson, M.E. (1991).

Pollen analysis.
Blackwell Scientific, London
- Difficult to get hold of, but essential.

Palaeoentomology - Fossil Insect Analysis

The most comprehensive list of palaeoentomology references online.

Elias, Scott A. (1994)
Quaternary Insects and Their Environments
Prentice Hall & IBD
- Very good standard text on most aspects of palaeoentomology.

Ashworth, A. C. , Buckland P. C. & Sadler, J (Eds) (1997)
Studies in Quaternary Entomology: Essays in Honor of Professor G.R.Coope (Quaternary Proceedings)
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
- Wide selection of essays on important issues in palaeoent.

Multidisciplinary works - a few examples

Berglund, B.E (Ed) (1991).

The cultural landscape during 6000 years in southern Sweden-The Ystad Project. Ecological bulletins 41. Köpenhamn.

Larsson, L. Callmer, J and Stjärnquist, B (eds). (1992).
The Archaeology of the cultural landscape. Field work and research in a South Swedish rural region.
Acta Archaeologica Lundensia. Series in 4°. No 19.

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