For Faculty and Staff

Here you will find information for employees at our Department such as shared documents and ABC for employees.

Local participatory group

Jonas Nilsson (convenor)
Olle Sundström
Marie Lundborg Jonsson
Kalle Grill
Health and Safety Officer (2017: Fredrik Lindborg)
Equal Opportunities Representatives (2017: Anna Sténs and Glenn Sandström)
PhD student representative (2017: Claudia Sciuto)
Union represenatives (2017: Peter Holmblad (SACO), Maria Berglind (ST))

First-cycle Board

Jenny Eklöf (convenor)
Jacob Stridsman
Phil Buckland
Lars Samuelsson
Elisabeth Raddock
Ulla-Stina From
Student representative
PhD student representative (2017: Peter Bennesved)

Research and Postgraduate Education Board

Convenors: Åsa Karlsson Sjögren och Peter Lindström
History and Education: Anna Larsson (ord) och Daniel Lindmark (supp)
History of Science and Ideas: Finn Arne Jörgensen (ord) och Erland Mårald (supp)
Philosophy: Pär Sundström (ord)
Archaeology: Johan Linderholm (ord) Phil Buckland (supp)
History: Jonny Hjelm (ord) och Jonas Liliequist (supp)
Religious studies and Theology: Mats Wahlberg (ord) och Tomas Lindgren (supp)
PhD student representatives (2017: Jonatan Samuelsson)

Representatives at the Department

Equal Opportunities Representative

Anna Sténs and Glenn Sandström

Health and Safety Officer

Fredrik Lindborg

Fire Safety Representative

Johan Hansson

Page Editor: Sandra Olsson

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Documents and links for Faculty and Staff

Here You can find shared documents and links for faculty and staff at the Department. Some require log-in, contact one of the administrators for log-in details.

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