Religious Studies and Theology

We offer courses up to third-cycle (doctoral) level. You can study freestanding courses or a whole programme in religious studies and theology. These studies lead to a bachelor’s degree of arts in religious studies or theology.

Religious studies

Religious studies investigate religion and religiousness from a variety of theoretical and methodical perspectives. Religions have always been a part of the cultures and societies of humankind and they are characterized by the cultural context in which they exist. Students of religious studies will study the world’s different religious traditions through history and in present times, and will learn about the content of religions and their historical development over time. Methodologies from psychology of religion and sociology of religion are used to study religious experiences, behaviour, organizations and phenomena on the basis of knowledge about humans, groups and societies. Religious studies can be the main subject of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

History of religionReligious educationPsychology of religion


In theological studies, questions of interpretation are central. The area of biblical studies investigates the texts of the Old and New Testaments, both as historical documents and as objects for constant interpretation. The areas of systematic theology and ethics study today’s debate on religion and outlook on life, and also theological questions regarding content and method, and the relation between religion and ethics. Historical and practical theology studies the development of Christianity and practice, on the basis of such fields as the development of doctrine, teaching, and societal and liturgical forms of expression. Religious edcuation also studies how religious knowledge is passed on in different religious traditions. Theology can be the main subject of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Biblical studiesHistorical and practical theologyReligious educationSystematic theology and ethics

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